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“Greenville has a super little pharmacy that not only has your meds, but also a nice variety of gifts, toys, school supplies, OTC meds and so many other items.

It's so wonderful to have a pharmacist like Marty, and his staff that is caring, helpful, friendly, and trustworthy, especially about keeping track of your meds...and if they don't have your non-emergency med when you call, they get it by the next day”

“Love this pharmacy! You don't get treated like just another number. The staff goes out of their way to assist you. This is the service that I remember from 'way back when'. Greenville is blessed to have this family owned business in our town!”

“User friendly, old fashioned drug store.”

“The staff is always friendly and helpful! I have never had a disappointing experience. Love having them in town!”

“Kelly's is the best. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff really show why supporting small businesses is important. If you need something and they don't have it, they will specially order for you. Kelly's > chain pharmacies 10/10”

“The best pharmacy around personable, helpful we’re glad that we have them in town.”

“The best pharmacy around personable, helpful we’re glad that we have them in town.”

“Always have our scripts ready super quick, and great gift selections!!!!”

“Always great staff. Very helpful and Pleasant. I love this place.”

“The best! Just like "Cheers" ...they know your name!”

“Great personal service. A welcome addition to the community.”

“What's not to like? The BEST of everything, especially customer service. It is impeccable, I haven't seen a business care so much about their customers in a very long time.”

“Always wonderful! Always pleasant. One of a kind!”

“Finally found a pharmacy that cares about their customers!”

“Love Kelly's pharmacy!”